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Have Biden’s Economic Plans Hit the Buffers?

The economic plans proposed by President Joe Biden have been subject to scrutiny and debate since their inception. With ambitious goals aimed at revitalizing...

Rishi Sunak seeks closer ties with Japan ahead of G7 summit

Introduction As the G7 summit approaches, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is keen on strengthening the relationship between the United Kingdom and Japan. With...

ChatGPT-maker U-turns on Threat to Leave EU over AI Law

Introduction In a surprising turn of events, the company behind ChatGPT, one of the leading language models powered by artificial intelligence (AI), recently made headlines...

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Deposed Over Bank’s Jeffrey Epstein Ties

Introduction The financial industry was recently rocked by a major scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious financier and convicted sex offender. In the wake of...

British Airways Cancels Dozens of Heathrow Flights After IT Problem

The aviation industry is highly reliant on technology for smooth operations, but occasionally, even the most advanced systems can encounter issues. British Airways, one...

Twitter Pulls Out of Voluntary EU Disinformation Code

Introduction In a surprising move, Twitter recently announced its decision to withdraw from the voluntary EU disinformation code. This code, designed to tackle the spread...

Unveiling the Hidden Truth: Interest Rate ‘Rigging’ Evidence Allegedly ‘Covered Up’ by Banks

Introduction: In the financial world, interest rates play a crucial role, influencing various aspects of our lives, from mortgages to business loans. However, a dark...